The most surprising activities on the Riviera

Long famed for its diverse entertainment options, the Riviera isn’t just a place to party and laze in the warm Mediterranean sun! While the beach clubs and the islands are stunning to explore and discover by boat, there is much more than that to experience. We compiled here a shortlist of the very finest experiences on the Riviera.

Underwater Museum in Cannes

Off the coast of Cannes, near the Iles de Lérines, you will discover a series of 6 underwater portraits each measuring between 3 & 4meters. The sculptures are sited near the island of Sainte-Marguerite, one of the Lérins Islands, just off the coast of Cannes, France. The six portraits are based on the faces of local persons of the community, covering a range of ages and professions. For example, one sculpture is of Maurice, an 80-year-old fisherman, and another sculpture is of Anouk, a 9-year-old primary school student. A great day trip and quite a surprise for guests while enjoying a boat rental in the South of France!

Les Nocturnes at La Villa Rothschild

One of the very few occasions to enjoy the Villa Rothschild in a private setting, without the traditional crowds of tourists, is to head there during the Nocturnes. Once or twice a month, the villa opens its doors to the select guests for an evening, with often concerts, operas or theatre representation. An elegant dinner will take place with white-glove service in a cocktail atmosphere and exceptional gastronomy. Discover this iconic villa of the riviera in one of the utmost luxury settings and a truly unique experience.

The private room of the Mirazur

The best restaurant in the world gets even better for select clients and large groups. The private dining table below the main room of the Mirazur welcomes you, with stunning views of the gardens, where most of the fresh products come from, as well as the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean. The room offers direct access to the kitchen where Chef Mauro Collagreco experiments with his team and presents to your palate the most refined dishes. Unlike the main room, you’ll benefit from waiters dedicated unlikely to your table and caters to your every need.


While most of the tourists in Cannes will enjoy la Croisette or head to La Guérite for the day, the St Honorat island is often skipped by the visitors. The island offers a unique Abbey, stunning to visit with a rare lavender field and a vineyard. The restaurant La Tonnelle offers absolutely stunning views of the bay of Cannes with a uniquely refined atmosphere. Discussing with the 21 monks that care about the Abbey these days will bring a different sight on your travels. The lavender field will be the perfect spot for an Instagramable moment!

With these different activities on the Riviera, you can surely make your stay in one of Cannes’ finest villas a bit more exciting and enjoy the luxury life in the Cote D’Azur!

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