5 Beautiful Beaches to Visit in Kochi In 2022

So, you finally need to get out of your abode after weeks of staying in. If you book early, you can get amazing discounts on flight tickets from Mumbai to Kochi for 2022. You can decide to extend your list of destinations for your vacation after realizing that a beach trip in tropical weather is just the right dose to rejuvenate your body and mind.

Kochi is well known for its beach vacations. There is simply so much to do here that you’ll feel the time has just flown when it’s time to board your Kochi to Mumbai flight back home. Here is a list of the top 5 beaches in Kochi that you can visit for your 2022 vacation.

1. Fort Kochi Beach

This is one of the most prominent beaches in Kochi and the one that you’ll find highly recommended on various travel advisor blogs. This location attracts a lot of tourists because of its colonial-era architecture. You can find houses in Vasco da Gama square that have stayed there for hundreds of years and the remnants of Fort Emmanuel was a major navy base ever since the early 18th century.

2. Mahatma Gandhi Beach

Surrounded by deep water, it is ironically not advised to take a leap of faith in the beach that is named after the father of our nation, considering he spent the majority of his life doing just that. However, the Mahatma Gandhi beach located in Kollam is a foodie’s paradise, containing various stalls having the fresh catch of the day and some of the most famous restaurants in the city.

3. Kuzhupilly Beach

Made famous due to the site of hosting the kite festival in Kerala, Kuzhupilly beach is the place to go if you’re looking for a good location to swim. The waters are usually calm and allow for moderate weather throughout the year due to large mangrove and coconut trees situated across the shoreline.

4. Cherai Beach

The Cherai beach is all about the sights. This is one of the largest beaches in Kochi and is famous for the spellbinding visuals that it offers to all visitors. If you have a camera, you can show your friends at home some great photos of sunsets and the tree lines, enticing them to book their Mumbai to Kochi flight tickets for their next vacation. Not to mention the dolphins and other marine life that you can witness if you’re vigilant enough.

5. Munambam Beach

Yet another large beach in Kochi famous for its seafood cuisine, the Munambam beach is situated in Ernakulam and contains the mouth of the river Periyar. There are also many fishing villages not far from the shore, the kind that will let you experience the true culture of Kerala.

And with that, you have reached the end of the list. Are there any of your favourite beaches that we’ve missed? Which coastal city do you fancy planning your visit to in 2022? Comment your answers down below.

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