Four Watersports That Can Be Enjoyed As A Family

Finding an outdoor activity that is suitable for the entire family isn’t always an easy task. In addition to the numerous interests family members may have, there are also the various physical abilities of individuals, especially those young and old, to consider.

Watersports are a particularly useful consideration for those wanting to adventure outdoors since they are generally well-suited for entire families, with activities like swimming and paddleboarding being low-impact and, therefore, accommodating to a wide range of individuals. They also take place in locations that are generally suitable for those that want to relax as well as those that want to remain active, such as the seaside.

Here are four great examples of watersports that can be the ideal endeavours for families to enjoy, those that will ensure each member makes the most of their day and is encouraged to get outdoors and into nature.


There are a number of families who will have a prior interest in bushwalking and outdoor adventuring, knowing the value that these excursions bring to their children. A great addition to such adventures is canoeing, which adds an extra landscape to the adventure.

Canoes are large crafts that can generally accommodate a family comfortably, while also remaining safe and exciting, with the potential for everyone to get involved in paddling – even little ones!


One of the main reasons stand-up paddleboarding has become so popular is that it is remarkably accessible. The watersport itself has only a short learning curve, meaning that beginners are likely to soon find themselves navigating the water with ease. However, in addition, singles boards can even potentially support groups, including adults and children, allowing for families to take to the water together, sharing an adventure.

Wild Swimming

Getting outdoors and into the water is a great way to keep fit and active. It is also a great way to explore, with wild swimming being the perfect activity to draw people to new lakes and shores, those that immerse swimmers in different natural landscapes.

Wild swimming is also an affordable activity for families, generally requiring little equipment beyond swimming gear and towels. Should, however, your group begin wild swimming during the winter, a chilly but popular activity among outdoor enthusiasts, it is important that you also bring along extra items, such as changing robes and heat packs, to ensure you each stay warm.


Well-celebrated across Australia for good reason, surfing is a family-friendly activity with equipment and lessons being available for adults and children alike. Most beaches will be well-equipped with boards for hire, with various sizes suiting each family member, as well as hosting a number of restaurants and facilities for those wanting to spend long periods of time by the water. There are also a number of classes that can not only be enjoyed by families but are specifically designed to accommodate adults and children together. If children become particularly enthusiastic about surfing, then there is also the possibility of surf summer camps too.

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