Top Rated Sydney Attractions to Add to your Schedule

If you are planning a holiday in NSW, Sydney is the obvious base and with so much in the way of attractions, you really do need to create a plan. In order to narrow down a very long list of premier attractions in Sydney, here is our top 5.

  1. Sydney Opera House – Could anything else be number one? This iconic structure can be enjoyed from many angles and if you’re lucky, there’ll be a performance running and you can experience the interior. Far more than a tourist attraction, there are more than 1,500 events annually, with more than one million attending; you can book a guided tour, which is available in several languages.
  2. Sydney Harbour Bridge – The walk across the bridge is exhilarating and what’s more, it is free! If you are the adventurous type, you can book a climb, which comes highly recommended and you can take some awesome photos.
  3. Whale Watching – Strike off one day for this unique close-up encounter with Humpback Whales and whale watching in Sydney is no doubt an extremely popular attraction, so do book early to avoid disappointment. These majestic creatures display some amazing surface behaviour and you are advised to take your video camera!
  4. See Sydney By Air – A 90-minute helicopter tour takes in all the iconic sights in the harbour area, then off on a low fly over Bondi Beach before heading off to the unique Blue Mountains and with lunch in a Hunter Valley restaurant, the return flight gives you yet another angle of this amazing city. Another very popular activity, if you are in a group and split the cost, it’s affordable, or you could join with other single passengers who are also looking to see Sydney from the air.
  5. Beach Day – There are so many beaches aside from the famous Bondi surfer’s paradise and you can charter a boat for the day and cruise the secluded coves and bays and enjoy premium seafood at one of the beautiful restaurants. Ferries run from place to place and with a Google search, you can find maps and timetables and plan the perfect day on the beach.

Hunter Valley offers much to the tourist and you can book a guided tour that includes some of the top vineyards where Australia’s best wines are made. Like most cities, Sydney is a mixture of old and new and you should spend the evenings touring the small bars in the narrow streets and listening to local tales.

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