The Underrated States That Are Perfect For Watersports

For watersports enthusiasts, living in certain states, especially those that are landlocked, can feel disheartening. It might appear that only Florida and California are bustling with coastal activities, celebrating golden sands and regular surfing sessions. However, this isn’t the case.

One only needs to consider other watersports, from wild swimming to paddle boarding, to soon see that every state seems to have its own established and thriving community for aquatic activities, making use of the country’s amazing lakes and rivers.

So, if you have any interest in picking up a watersport or want to find an up-and-coming state to enjoy, here are the underrated states that are perfect for watersports.


With over 60,000 lakes accessible in Michigan, including over 10,000 large bodies of water, it is an ideal environment for those wanting to get out onto the water. These lakes are perfect for kayaking and canoeing but also make ideal spots for wild swimming and bodyboarding too.

In the summer months, the great lakes that Michigan borders have long strips of golden sand and even modest tides, making them a perfect replacement for the summer spots of the east and west coasts.


A state that is seldom mentioned as a summer destination, Connecticut welcomes those who know its secrets, including stunning shores and places you won’t forget, that can remain relatively quiet even during the height of the summer sun.

In addition to a number of active SUP communities, Connecticut also offers an array of boating tours and jet skiing adventures too.


One of the USA’s driest states, Utah might be a very surprising destination for watersports enthusiasts, and yet it remains a hidden gem. There are a number of large and accessible lakes, many of which host celebrated communities and clubs for kayaking, fishing, waterskiing, and swimming.

From the idyllic sights of Flaming Gorge, a body of water that comes alive during the setting sun, to the astonishing landscapes of Lake Powell, Utah is an incredible place to visit for those looking to enjoy peaceful aquatic activities.

South Dakota

From its extensive rivers to glacial lakes, South Dakota is another underrated state for watersport activities. Mountain lakes and manmade reservoirs are all fantastic environments for those looking to paddle and sail, with many even offering incredible vistas.

While there are few fast-moving waters, except for Rapid Creek, there are a number of areas that allow for windsurfing and scuba diving.


It is a shame that the cold temperatures of Alaskan waters deter a great number of people from enjoying them. It takes only a glance at the surrounding mountains, crystal clear waters, and beautiful aquatic life for many to realize what they are missing out on.

Promising that you arrive with the essential gear, considering especially how you will stay warm, Alaska remains unrivaled in the landscapes it offers. No other state will allow kayakers and paddleboarders to experience such peaceful waters set beneath azure ice walls as the horizon breaks with the presence of whales.

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