How to Purchase Travel Insurance for Thailand from India?

Thailand has been one of the most popular international travel destinations from India for many years. With beautiful beaches, historical palaces, affordable accommodation, ease of travel, and simple visa processes, Thailand has attracted many Indian tourists to its shores in recent years.

Thailand’s night markets and vibrant nightlife make a visit to the country a memorable one for everyone. However, when you go on an international trip, it is important to remember that emergencies can come unannounced. Hence, it is important to have a travel insurance Thailand policy as it can help you cover any expenses related to medical and non-medical emergencies with ease.

How to Purchase Travel Insurance from India for Thailand?

It is not mandatory for travellers to have a medical or travel insurance plan. However, Thailand offers a range of experiences, and if you plan on making the most of them, then you need to be prepared for exigencies, both medical and non-medical.

There are many insurers offering a travel insurance policy for Thailand. However, before you purchase a plan, make sure that you check the inclusions and exclusions. Here are some things that you must consider before you buy Thailand travel insurance:

  • Medical emergencies

While Thailand is a tropical country like India and has similar weather patterns, travelling to a new country can expose you to different diseases and illnesses. Also, while accidents can happen even when you are in India, managing medical costs in a foreign land can burn a hole in your pocket.

Make sure that the policy offers cover for various medical exigencies. Recently, the Thailand authorities made it mandatory for international travellers to have COVID-19 travel insurance for Thailand. If the mandate is still in place when you plan your trip, then make sure that the travel insurance policy offers coverage for the same.

  • Baggage insurance

When you travel internationally, you might take various short trips to explore the country. This can mean multiple flights. In addition, flights can mean lost or misplaced baggage. Such situations can cause a lot of hassle and even result in financial losses. Therefore, if you buy travel insurance Thailand, then make sure that it includes a baggage cover too.

  • Journey cover

There can be various other emergencies that you might be required to manage while on an international trip. These include the loss of a passport, cancelled or delayed flights, and various other non-medical emergencies that you might encounter on your trip.

There are different types of international travel insurance policies available. If you are planning to travel for higher education, then you can look for travel insurance for students. Also, make sure that you compare insurance providers and plans by factoring in the features offered and the premium charged.

Essential Information Before You Visit Thailand

Here is some essential information that you must know before you visit Thailand:

  • You need a visa to enter Thailand. You can choose between a range of visas based on the purpose of your trip.
  • While Thailand is a relatively safe place for travelling, there have been reports of pickpocketing and theft. Hence, make sure that you keep your valuables safe while in the country.
  • The Indian Embassy is located in Bangkok and can be reached at +02-2580300-6.
  • There are many international airports in Thailand that have good connectivity with major cities in India.
  • The Baht is the official currency of Thailand.

Summing Up

Thailand offers a range of activities to travellers. However, to ensure that you enjoy your time in Thailand, you must ensure that you are prepared for various medical and non-medical emergencies. Hence, make sure that you buy an international travel insurance policy based on your travel plan. Safe Travels.

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