Do’s and Don’ts of Bus Travel In India

You can be anywhere in India, you are well connected to every other town and city in India via buses. No wonder millions of people travel from one place to another every day by bus in the country. It is because buses make for the cheapest and most comfortable means of transport and hence, provide passengers with good value for money. But did you know there are certain things which you should and which you should not while travelling via bus in India? These dos and don’ts will surely help you have a safe and memorable journey and will enhance your bus travel experience. Scroll down and learn about them:

Do’s of Bus Travel in India

Here are some of the things you should do during your bus travel in India:

  • Always book your bus tickets online using a bus booking app like Goibibo. With the help of these bus app, you can avail yourself of great offers on sleeper buses, luxury Volvo buses, non-AC buses, roadways buses, etc.
  • Make sure to cover your face with masks and use hand sanitizers when travelling on roadways or any such kinds of buses in India
  • Book your bus ticket as early as possible to grab awesome deals and offers
  • Make sure you have downloaded the Arogya Setu app on your phone before you board the bus
  • Carry entertainment options with you if you are on a long bus journey
  • If you are travelling with kids, make sure to keep an eye on them
  • Keep a tab on your belongings such as bags and other items unless you are travelling with luxury buses and have your bags stored safely
  • If possible, wear comfortable clothes so that you can enjoy your journey to the fullest
  • If you are living in a city and wish to catch your bus on time, make sure to leave home quite early considering the kind of traffic you may encounter
  • Be polite and nice to everyone, whether it is the conductor of the bus or any fellow passenger
  • Take mid-journey breaks to stretch your body and have some tea time
  • If you want to grab the cheapest tickets on a route, make sure to travel during off-season months only on weekdays.
  • While eating, make sure to keep a check on your drinks so that you do not get spiked and tailed by any thief or stranger
  • If you are booking your bus ticket online using a bus booking app, make sure to go through the reviews and ratings of the bus operator on the internet.

Don’ts of Bus Travel in India

Here are some of the things you should refrain from doing during your bus travel in India:

  • Do not wait until the last moment to book your bus ticket as the closer you are to the travel date, the more expensive your bus ticket will be. However, it is not applicable to roadways and other such buses.
  • Avoid unnecessary contact as much as you can, whether it is talking to people or touching any random object
  • Do not travel alone if you are not well or are suffering from some sickness
  • Make sure to not book any bus that is not sanitised and is not following all covid protocols
  • Refrain from carrying pets such as birds, dogs, etc. in the bus you are travelling with
  • Do not forget to carry snacks and water with you while on your bus journey
  • Do not flaunt valuables in public spaces and always keep them away from the eyes of strangers
  • Avoid providing your personal details to anyone on the bus
  • Do not expect buses to always come on time and hence, make sure to track your bus before you leave home
  • Make sure you do not drink before you board the bus or during your bus journey
  • Avoid accepting any kind of food and drink from strangers

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